Saturday, August 23, 2008

Why not make your Wedding a fun event!

This was probably the most exciting and fun wedding I have ever done. Mario and Pepper were great! Our DJ was on the money anouncing them into Venice Catering Hall.
What a great entrance before starting their first dance. The Video we shot was spectacular. Way to go Mario and Pepper! They had a great theme to thier wedding (super hero's). They were just awsome all night long. This was very unique and well thought out event. The wedding party was announced in to a special song and nick names.
We all loved doing this one.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

We love to shoot photo's even while traveling!

This was shot during a stay for a destination wedding ! This was a cool shot in Saint Thomas the Virgin Islands. This was Coki point beach. many people go to swim and scuba dive. The underwater observatory is close to this beach.

Feeding the fish by hand is very popular. Dry dog food is great to use. As you can see this kid loves the beach.

We love to shoot destination weddings and know many of the Islands and can help plan your wedding!

These weddings tend to be fun for all. I have noticed it can even cost you less than a traditional wedding and yield plenty of great moments.

Just a little bit of Island for you!